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20 AUG 2014 - Omcard in Namibia ...

08 AUG 2014 - Omcard

Payment Express (PEX) announces the successful completion of the OMCARD Namibia project. Powered by the SmartVista installation at Payment Express (PEX), Mauritius and in partnership with Bank Windhoek, the OMCARD from Old Mutual provides customers in Namibia with a unique set of features and benefits including free person-to-person transfers, free POS transactions and no monthly or hidden fees. OMCARD, a prepaid Visa card, is specifically designed for Old Mutual’s customers, providing them with a cash-back rewards program and the ability to link up to four additional cards for their family members. This project is unique for Namibia as the whole card management process may be fulfilled via mobile phones. For an added security service and convenience offered by TRANWALL and PEX the OMCARD may be turned on and off from a customerâ ...

Going the 'e' Way

The recent past has seen business at all levels undergo a dramatic transformation. The convenience offered by the electronic mediums has resulted in instruments of payment such as cheques, demand drafts and even cash taking a back seat. In a world that takes anytime, anywhere transaction capability for granted - cards, computers and mobiles are the preferred means of making payments.

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    Payment Express (PEX) is one of the most innovative and visionary payment service providers in Africa and Asia, managed by leading industry experts from around the world. Certified by both Visa and MasterCard, as a full service payment processing company, PEX offers high-level expertise in all areas of e-commerce, provides banks, the retail industry and financial institutions with complete EMV certified solutions as they migrate to EMV Smart Card technology, as well as a wide variety of payment solutions and dedicated Merchant and Customer Support.

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